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SecureComm is a software development firm based in the Phoenix area, specializing in systems, software and security for communications and embedded systems. SecureComm develops new technology for the defense industry and provides subcontract and professional consulting services to both small and large corporations in the Greater Phoenix Area.


Current Projects

The following projects are currently underway or in the early planning stages.

Data@Ease(TM) Authentication Framework

Architecture and Design of an authentication service for Android Apps, providing Enterprise Apps with the ability to secure sensitive data on smartphone.

Artificial Intelligence in an Android Application

Architecture and Design of an artificial intelligence engine for the Android smartphone that provides plug-in rule-based capabilities for solving specific problem sets. Engine is manipulated from GUI controls and expert-system based Q&A interface.

Cloud-Based Secure Drop Box

Architecture and Design of a SAML-based security framework for document protections in The Cloud.


Design and development of IKEv2 (RFC-4306) clean-room implementation (US citizen only) using a Red-Black architecture for an embedded environment. Basic framework is completed and providing interoperability to other COTS IKE implementations. Current work includes development of Elliptic Curve cryptography underlying the key exchange.


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